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Set in the enticing world of media and popular culture, #spotted tells the tale of Alex Gaines; a cruise ship entertainer whose life suddenly hits the rocks. Ironically, it is only then that his career starts to set sail.

As his profile rises, Alex struggles to adjust to his new found fame and come to terms with his (totally legal) addiction to prescription drugs. His is a journey to top that of any X Factor contestant; culminating with a moment more explosive than Simon Cowell could ever manufacture.

While Alex\’s \’journey\’ trends upwards, kids\’ television presenter Jack Hart\’s career is in a death spiral. Fighting the tabloids and rolling news networks, will he fight his way back onto British screens?

Featuring phone hacking, celebrity scandal and reality television, #spotted is an hilarious and fiercely topical novel with a unique companion website. Following links from the ebook will transport readers to this gossip site where they can learn more information about the characters, see photographs and enjoy multimedia content to enhance the novel. This innovation still allows the purists to enjoy the story while inviting mult-taskers into the #spotted universe.