NB. We cannot guarantee your family will be *this* happy!
NB. We cannot guarantee your family will be *this* happy!

Wedding Speeches YOU can be the best, best man

Whether you\’re writing a best man\’s speech, a groom\’s speech, a father-of-the-bride\’s speech or even a bride\’s speech, you\’re probably feeling nervous.

Even if you are used to public speaking, the pressure of being sincere, heartfelt, wise and funny all at once may well get to you. Every comedian and public speaker works from a polished and professional script. Why should you be any different? 

Whatever your level of experience, James will work with you to create a memorable speech that suits you and your style. There\’s no point trying to shoehorn jokes from a speech writing website (that everyone will have heard before) if you\’re not confident in delivering them. Wedding guests would much rather hear someone speak genuinely than chuckle uncomfortably as a wannabe Jimmy Carr roasts his friends. 

We offer three different packages to help you deliver the very best, best man\’s speech. If you\’re the groom or father of the bride, we can help too, just email info@jamesmccann.co.uk and let James know what you\’re after.

Speech Packages Pick a service that suits YOU

Wedding Speech Package C – James works with what you\’ve got!

You write your speech then email it to James to work his magic. His in-depth edit will add jokes that fit your style, remove unnecessary repetition, remove unnecessary repetition, add in traditions that you may have missed and guide you on delivery. 

The service is not just about adding things you may have missed but also streamlining your speech to give the best chance of succeeding with your audience. Have you ever sat through an overly long and elaborate wedding speech? Yep, we all have. 

For one great price, you will receive an edited copy of your speech which you can then look over, amend and resend for another batch of edits. James will work with you via email and over the phone to ensure you are totally comfortable with what you will deliver. 

When you\’re happy with the speech, James will return it in an easily readable form with bullet points that make it easy to remember and perform. You can then print it out (recommended!) or read it from your phone or tablet. 

For detailed wedding speech package C pricing, contact James by emailing info@jamesmccann.co.uk or completing our Contact Form.

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Wedding Speech Package B – A speech from scratch.

James will work consult with you in person (if you\’re local to West Yorkshire) or by phone, Skype or FaceTime. You\’ll discuss the style of speech you are looking for and anecdotes that might be suitable to include. The conversation will also give James an insight into your character and the sort of delivery that would work best for you. 

He will then create a speech from scratch which will include traditional elements  but will be tailored to you. No relying on a generic website built speech that people have heard dozens of times before!

Themes and topics will flow neatly to create a seamless speech of just the right length with all the heartfelt or hilarious moments you\’re after. You will then have the opportunity to make suggestions or additions and resubmit to James for edits and further work.

When you are happy with the speech, James will send you a final version in a format that is easy to perform for your guests on the big day. 

For detailed wedding speech package B pricing, contact James by emailing info@jamesmccann.co.uk or completing our Contact Form.

We do father-of-the-bride and groom\'s speeches too!
We do father-of-the-bride and groom\’s speeches too!

Wedding Speech Package A – A speech. And much more!

This package includes the a highly personal speech as described in package B plus an audio recording and coaching on how to deliver it. 

James has worked onstage for many years as an actor, compere and comedian and knows how you should perform the words you\’ve worked so hard to get down on paper. He can help you deal with nerves and train you to deliver the lines in order to get the biggest laughs (or most amount of tears!)

The audio recording, provided via MP3 or on CD will indicate the correct rhythms and intonation to make each joke land and if you\’re local to West Yorkshire, James will meet and coach you in person. As an experienced director, James is used to working with performers of all ages and abilities and will give you the confidence you need to wow your friends and family.

For detailed wedding speech package A pricing, contact James by emailing info@jamesmccann.co.uk or completing our Contact Form.

Don\'t be this guy...
Don\’t be this guy…